Event: Volunteering at The Compton Jr. Posse!

This past weekend, I decided to volunteer with the Agape International Spiritual Center on their 24th annual Sacred Service Saturday. For one day, hundreds of volunteers group up and visit over 30 service organizations in Los Angeles to work on any and every project needed. Many projects involve gardening, painting, organizing, making cards etc. but the organizations vary in cause There were foodbanks, beach clean up crews, a mentoring group working with incarcerated youth, and many more inspirational NGOs working hard to make a difference. I was assigned to group #19: The Compton Jr. Posse. I hadn’t heard of the organization but I knew it somehow involved horses.

After a early morning breakfast and send off, a group of about 20 of us carpooled down to the Compton Jr. Posse stables. You would never guess that behind these seemingly normal houses on a quiet street in Compton, CA is a full operating riding ring. Founded by Mayisha Akbar, “The Compton Jr. Posse (CJP) was developed to provide inner-city youth with year round after school alternatives to the lure of gang and drug lifestyles. For over 29 years, the Compton Jr. Posse has given inner city kids hope by teaming them with horses. Through these equestrian activities, our youth develop responsibility, discipline and self-esteem. Students learn to set and achieve both academic and career goals. There can be no better investment in their future.” Mayisha, her husband Jody, volunteer coordinator Kim, and Anthony were there to greet us and set us up for a good days work!

Our goal on Saturday was to assist in leveling the stalls for some of the horses. With the help of some heavy machinery (and Sharky, our talented tractor operator!) the team was able to level the stalls and fill them in with new sand. It was a hot day and the entire team pitched in to get the job done. Whether it was shoveling, mucking the stalls, passing out water, or lending a hand, it was a fantastic team effort. I truly felt that for those five hours or so, pure love was flowing from our hearts into our hands as we worked. I left feeling inspired, uplifted, and incredibly grateful for those from the Agape community that showed up to help that day and for the amazing work of the Compton Jr. Posse to provide kids a safe and meaningful way to grow and develop into kind, engaged, and passionate adults.

Looking forward to continuing to volunteer with the Compton Jr. Posse and to next years Sacred Service Saturday!