My Bookshelf

This is my favorite view every night! 

This is my favorite view every night! 

Earlier this year, I had a custom book shelf made for my room. (Anyone who knows me is rolling their eyes) Though I will be moving this month, my room is currently a small room in an attic apartment with very low ceilings. My bed takes up 50% of the floor space so I had to get creative with storage. I wanted a very slim, bright bookshelf to occupy the small space I had between the bed and the wall so I found a woodworker on Etsy who was able to make one for me. It's my favorite piece of furniture not only because it's the first thing I've bought that I had made, but because it holds my favorite things: my books. 

Below is a snapshot of my current favorites in no particular order:

A must read for anyone in their 20s. My best friend Brit gave me a copy and I passed it along to everyone I knew. All about why your 20s matter in life and how not wake up when your 30 and say wtf? Although I probably still will.

If you are practical and like a little structure this book encourages you to set out on a quest to pursue whatever you want to do. It's all about the joy in the journey not in the destination. 

This beautiful book is an amazing living breathing example of the power of the arts to transform lives. Tolan's fantastic ability to tell this story with such passion, grace, and heart still gives me chills. The story features Ramzi Aburedwan a Palestinian refugee and violinist who founded the music school Al Kamanjadti. Highly recommend. 

Two words: Index Funds. If you are in your 20s and don't know what they are or you haven't already invested in them- buy this book. Now.

Vulnerability is where it's at. All day eryday. Read all her books- they changed my life. 

This book is so beautiful and sweet and I re read it every once and a while and am transported. It's about a rabbit that gets lost. We all get a little lost sometimes. 

This book has so many passages highlighted in it that it's almost easier to read the the stuff that isn't highlighted. I come back to the book monthly for inspiration and comfort. 

Currently reading this and loving it. Her first book: Reality is Broken was mind-blowingly interesting and this is too. Gaming is so cool.

As someone who went to an arts school- and was always involved in different arts organizations and community outreach programs.  I'm always interested in how communities and organizations work together. This book is a fascinating study on how and why things/people/places/exhibits are relevant and what goes wrong when they aren't.   

Read this is french class with Madame Arseneau and it always makes me smile!

A must read for any artist or storyteller that wants to change the world.